Are you ready to get growing again professionally and personally? Are you coachable?

Sustainable success depends on you leveling up your ABC’s (Attitudes, Behaviors, Competencies). I’m Andy Dix. I’m an experienced Board-Certified Executive Business Coach. I want to help you get growing again!

My Approach

Do you aspire to effectively lead an organization or be a successful entrepreneur or creative? Are you flat-out frustrated and feel like you might be wasting your life and missing your calling? Do you want to fully live out your life’s purpose?

No one was born highly effective and successful. Everyone who maximizes their potential has worked hard and grew into the most effective version of themselves. If you ask them their secret to success, they will probably admit that they did not achieve greatness on their own. Legendary CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives have all had coaches and mentors who supported and nurtured their development and growth. You can too!

You just need to allow yourself to be coachable. Then we can work together to co-create your individual ABC (Attitudes, Behaviors, and Competencies) Growth Plan. Your personal ABC Growth Plan will keep you focused and accountable for making progress towards achieving your most important goals and living a meaningfully satisfying, and successful life.

Executive business coaching is not for losers who need to be fixed. Coaching is for wise, high-achievement oriented people who want to attain their desired success faster than they can do so on their own.

What my clients’ say

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
I use Emerson’s quote as my personal mission statement and job description! Can I be that someone for you?-Andy Dix


Andy is a member of the University of Indianapolis’ Institute for Postindustrial Leadership Think Tank. His “Inspiring Leadership” development program is based on a new understanding of leadership as a mutually beneficial relationship centered on a desired change.


Executive Business Coaching, Postindustrial Leadership Development, The Science of Motivation®, The Reiss Motivation Profile®, Change Management, Purpose and Meaning, Effective Communication, and Hope.


As Founder and President of AD Growth Advisers, based in Indianapolis, IN, Andy has supported the professional development and growth of executives, leaders and creatives throughout the US and internationally. In addition to being a Board-Certified Executive Business Coach, Andy is also a Certified Performance Improvement Technologist, PROSCI Change Manager, and Reiss Motivation Profile® Master.


Andy has professional experience as an executive in a Fortune 100 company, an entrepreneur, author of “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!,” keynote speaker, corporate trainer, college instructor, performance improvement consultant, change manager, and even produces and hosts the “Hopeful Hoosier Podcast®.”

Ready to get growing again?

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