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I work with many leaders as their Success Acceleration Adviser. Most of them find it hard to keep inspired and motivated as they deal with the daily demands of their roles. Weekends can be especially hard to throttle down for them and it’s way too easy to get a case of the “Sunday’s,” where you start to dread Monday on Sunday afternoon. I want to help.Sign up to receive my FREE Friday Food 4 Thought Growth Brief. Every Friday I will send you one simple email with 4 insights you can think about over the weekend that might accelerate your success. My goal is to spark a positive change you can make to jump into Monday on a mission.

I work with professionals daily and learn something from them through every conversation. I also am a rabid reader and learner. I’ll share what I have found impactful each week.

Here’s the silmple format to expect:

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Fascinating/Fun Fact

Do you take your work home at night? If you work at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, you might gain a bit of weight by taking too much of your work home. According to the Ben & Jerry’s official job opportunities webpage, people who are lucky enough to work for the ice cream supergiant get three free pints of Ben & Jerry’s “super premium ice cream and frozen yogurt every day.”

Opportunity for Growth

Deadlines at work are likely more flexible that is typically imagined.  Researchers found, across occupations, that asking for more time to work on an assignment was, on average, perceived positively by managers — and it reduced employees’ stress levels and improved their performance. One survey of 191 employees, found that 95% of those who asked their manager for a deadline extension received one. Read more.

Outstanding Insight

IBM’s CEO says AI (Artificial Intelligence) computers can predict with 95% accuracy when someone will quit their job. According to the 2016 post on job attrition, factors include an employee’s age, marital status, stock options, how many years they’ve been with the company, and the how far they’ve been promoted. Learn more about how IBM is using predictive data to reduce turnover. Read the article.

Do Something Different Challenge

Four habits can help us be happier according to neuroscientists.

  1. List what you are most grateful for
  2. Label negative feelings
  3. Make a “good enough” decision
  4. Appropriate human touch

See more.

Thought From a Great Thinker

We are at half-time for 2019.  In recognition of our midyear here’s a quote from Dr. Seuss

"How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. 
December is here before its June
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?"

Make next week matter!
Enjoy your weekend.

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