Inspiring Leadership: An Individualized Approach to Leadership Development

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

Inspiring Leadership: An Individualized Approach to Strategic Leadership Development

Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and collaborators who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purposes.

Dr. Joseph C. Rost, Ph.D.

Our Inspiring Leadership approach to strategic leadership development is a uniquely individualized program. We accommodate the demands of busy leaders and entrepreneurs. Inspiring Leadership uses the Science of Motivation® and the Reiss Motivation Profile® to equip you with the knowledge and skills to inspire each individual you lead.

Most strategic leaders fail to recognize their natural tendency to lead others the way they personally need to be led.  Inspiring leaders adopt an individualized leadership approach, that strategically adapts, to be the leader each individual they lead, needs the leader to be. A strategic leader’s goal is to be a positive influence and force for growth and change. Effective strategic leadership encourages a person to choose to be willing to follow the leader’s direction.  Inspiring leaders fully understand human motivation.  They know why we do what we do and effectively speak to the hearts and minds of those who they seek to have follow their lead. Inspiring leaders know how to strategically link what needs accomplished, to the individual needs/desires/values of the person, who is responsible for the accomplishment.  Inspiring leaders believe they are not leading an organization or team, but are leading individuals, who form organizations and teams.  Inspirational Leadership is a highly effective, proven 1-on-1 approach, that achieves and sustains excellent performance from individuals, teams and organizations.

Benefits of Inspiring Leadership: An Individualized Approach to Leadership Development

  • Increase work performance with less managerial supervision.
  • Increase the return on your time investment with each person you lead.
  • Hire highly compatible team members who are motivational fits for their roles.
  • Increase follower loyalty and reduce unwanted employee turnover.  Save replacement costs.
  • Create mutually beneficial alliances between the leader and the follower.
  • Improve the effectiveness of coaching and feedback.
  • Reduce resistance to change and increase the rate of change adoption.
  • Predict how a follower will likely react in a given situation.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Create highly effective workgroups and teams.
  • Reduce frustration and interpersonal conflicts.
  • Create a tolerant culture of inclusion and diversity.
  • Convert unused human potential into work performance.
  • Experience satisfaction with the impact of your inspired leadership.  Your inspired leadership matters and makes a positive difference to each person you lead, and to your organization.

Inspiring Leadership:  An Individualized Approach to Leadership Development for Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • Confidential, individual telephone sessions with Board Certified Executive Coach, Andy Dix, MS, BCC, CPT.
  • Flexible one-hour telephone sessions, scheduled to easily fit into your busy calendar.
  • Create individual motivational action plans for each person you directly lead.
  • Use the Science of Motivation® to calculate the values compatibility* between you and each person you lead.
  • Estimate motivational role compatibilities* for each person on your team.
  • Understand values-match* of your entire team.  Is your team naturally compatible or highly volatile? Know in-advance where interpersonal conflicts will likely happen and how to avoid or quickly resolve them.
  • Predict how someone you lead will likely react to a situation*.  Plan for desired outcomes.

*Requires other individuals in your organization to also complete Reiss Motivation Profiles®.

“Organizations are built on trust. Trust does not mean everyone likes each other. It means people can trust each other. And this pre-supposes that people understand one another. Taking relationship responsibility is, therefore, an absolute necessity. It’s a duty.”

Dr. Peter Drucker, Ph.D.

Inspiring Leadership an Individualized Approach to Leadership Development Sessions Outline

Reiss Motivation Profile®, an online assessment of your needs and values. (20-30 minutes)

(1-Hour Confidential Telephone Coaching Sessions)

Session 1: Understanding your 16 Heart’s Desires and your values. Inspiring your best performance.

Session 2: Awareness of how your frame of reference and worldview affects your value judgments and decisions. What’s in your emotional blind spots.

Session 3: Your frustration reduction plan.

Session 4: Understanding the people you lead.*  How to inspire excellent performance.

Session 4: Calculate you values-compatibility with others.* Where will misunderstandings and conflicts likely happen.

Session 5: Decide who’s a good motivational fit a role.*  Interview questions you need to ask.

Session 6: Inspire lasting resolution of conflicts due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of motives.

Session 7: Creating your ideal motivational ecosystem.  What you need to enjoy meaningful and satisfying success.

Session 8: Assemble work teams who can work together.*

Session 9: Creating an inclusive culture in a diverse world.

Session 10: What your customers need.

*Requires other individuals in your organization to also complete Reiss Motivation Profiles®.

If you would like to enroll in Inspiring Leadership: Contact us to discuss your specific requirements for pricing and availability.

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