Inspiring Highly Effective Work Performance From Teams Workshop

Inspiring Highly Effective Work Performance From Teams Workshop

Forming a new project team? Trying to salvage a troubled team? Use the Science of Motivation® to equip teams for highly effective collaboration.

Our 1-day workshop, “Inspiring Highly Effective Work Performance From Teams,” provides a pathway to an inclusive understanding of individual differences which often unknowingly lead to exclusion and interpersonal conflicts. During this highly interactive workshop, we help team members embrace their unique individuality of values and needs and then combine them in useful ways to collaborate effectively as a team.

Teams leave this workshop truly understanding what matters most to each other and why the team’s success is important to the organization. They will create a draft of a written agreement on how the team members will work together, make decisions and resolve conflicts. This workshop will firmly establish a working framework of operation for the team to build its success. 

This workshop will equip your team leaders and team members to avoid the natural pitfalls of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and misinterpretations of others’ motives, that can distract and derail effective work groups and teams.

Learning Objectives

At the successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use a summary of Reiss Profile® scores to understand each team member’s most valued needs and how these needs will interact and possibly conflict.
  • Develop a strategy to minimize the impact of opposite intense value differences on the team’s work performance.
  • Apply a new understanding of one’s frame of reference to avoid misunderstandings, miscommunications, and mistakes between you and other team members.
  • Establish a defined and agreed upon organizational value of inclusion and create an action plan to ensure an inclusive work environment.
  • Create a collaboration agreement to establish the rules of operation and expectations for excellent work performance from this team.

Optimum team size is 10 or less.  Multiple teams may participate in one workshop.  Workshops are held at your location or at a venue of your choice.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will complete a Reiss Profile® and a one hour profile coaching session with Andy Dix, a Board Certified Executive Coach and Reiss Profile® Master.

Every team deserves an opportunity to form on a solid foundation of mutual understanding, that leads to success. Let’s talk about what’s possible for your next team.

For pricing and more information, call Andy Dix at 317-538-3231.

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