Motivating Sales Effectiveness

Hot Buttons Motivate Sales People to Excel

Sales effectiveness requires more than just a great compensation plan and bonus structure. You need an in-depth and accurate understanding of each sales person’s needs and values. Sales leaders can use the Science of Motivation® to understand each sales person’s motivational hot buttons and dramatically improve the sales effectiveness of their sales team. You can know what words to use to spark desired activities, more effectively coach, and provide feedback that is better received and acted on. Sales leaders with an understanding of individual motives and values can also give appreciation and recognition in more meaningful ways.  An individual approach, based on understanding the unique natural wiring of each sales person, is a new way of achieving sales effectiveness.  When sales people feel truly understood and valued they are inspired to sustain peak sales productivity and performance and turn down competitive offers from recruiters.  It all begins with your sales people completing Reiss Motivation Profiles®.

Understand Why They Do What They Do

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a scientifically validated psychological profile.  Learn more here.  Sales people can complete their RMP online in usually less than 30 minutes.  They receive a detailed report explaining their intensity and priority of 16 desires and 32 possible values.  Their Reiss Profile® explains what matters most to them. Their RMP also reveals what they are motivated to do to satisfy their strongest needs.  It will also indicate what values will cause the most personal frustration.  This self-knowledge is invaluable to inspiring sales people to find their internal motivation to be a consistent top sales performer. As a leader, you can predict with more accuracy, how a sales person will react and behave in given situations.  Motivational knowledge is invaluable to sales effectiveness leaders who want to have award winning teams, year after year.

Our Process

  • Each sales person completes an online Reiss Motivation Profile®.
  • Each sales person will receive an electronic copy of his/her Reiss Profile® in a .pdf document.
  • Each sales person will complete an approximately one hour telephone consultation with Reiss Profile® Master, Andy Dix. Andy is also a former sales person and sales leader.  He is a Board Certified Executive Coach and has worked with hundreds of executives and sales people to find their inner motivation to know what they need to succeed. The session will include a review of the profile report and additional exercises as necessary, to address any concerns or frustrations the salesperson might have currently.
  • Each sales manager will also complete the Reiss Motivation Profile® and telephone consultation process with Andy Dix.
  • Sales Management will receive a values-compatibility report.  This report will detail the motivation/values similarities and difference between each sales person and the sales leader. This report identifies areas of common ground and possible conflicts.
  • Sales Management will receive a values-compatibility report for the whole sales team. This report is an excellent summary view of each individual’s values and allows for easy comparisons between team members.
  • Sales Management will receive up to six, hour-long strategic consultation sessions with Andy Dix, to create motivational action plans for each sales person.

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