Who We Are

You can catch your dreams with a solid plan and tenacious, focused efforts. Making a plan and working my plan has always worked for me and now it works consistently for my clients. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” That’s my job. My name is Andy Dix. I’m a Growth Adviser, Board Certified Executive Coach and Certified Change Manager.

I started my professional growth journey in my childhood dream job at a local radio station, WAKE-AM in Valparaiso, IN, as a sophomore in High School. I’ve been pursuing meaningful achievements ever since.

My passion is helping achievement-oriented people to outgrow their current struggles and challenges so they can fast-track attaining their success. We start by identifying their personal definition of success based on their natural gifts, strengths, talents, values, and desires, and then supporting them towards experiencing their success as fast as possible. Too many people are living safe, small, and comfortable lives in a corporate comas. I know because I was one of them in an amazing series of progressive roles at a Fortune 100 company. Corporate changes and my restlessness kept me reinventing myself professionally many times over my 17-year tenure. The surest sign of life is growth! My goal is to get you growing towards attaining your goals and realizing your success.

My work in advertising sales exposed me to an incredibly diverse group of business owners and senior leaders with differing goals and challenges. At the company where I worked, I was fortunate to collaborate with an amazing mix of highly talented people in various disciplines such as sales, learning and development, human resources, operations, finance, creative production, IT, project and change management and more.

My quest to achieve my personal best led me to write a book called, “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!.” Shortly after my book was published, I expanded my professional transformation by becoming one of a thousand Certified Performance Technologists in the world. Later, my desire to help other high achievers become their personal best led me to become a Board Certified Executive Coach and Certified Change Manager.

I founded AD Growth Advisers Inc. and the Hopeful Hoosier Podcast after being unexpectedly downsized from my corporate role in 2016 while I was in my early 50’s. Adversity like losing a job you love is a graduate level class that few people willingly sign-up for, but teaches much about perseverance, overcoming fear and doubt, as well as patience.

For fun, I am a pilot and aircraft owner and sometimes play tenor saxophone and trumpet, but not at the same time.

As you can see from my story, throughout my life, I have maintained a clear definition of what success means to me and I passionately pursue it daily. I even live on Tenacious Drive! Growth is all about incremental progress and staying the course until you achieve your desired results.

I tell you all this not to brag, but to empathize with wherever you are right now on your personal and professional journey towards your success. My goal is to be the spark that rekindles your passionate pursuit of a meaningful and satisfying success that only you can imagine!

I choose to only work with a very select group of high-achievers who want to commit to their personal and professional growth. My clients are trying to do good in our world in some meaningful way and have a positive impact through service to other people. They may be in business, non-profit or government organizations. Basically, they want to grow into a better version of themselves so they can do more good.

I’m not for everyone. But those who do use my services stay focused on achieving their most desired results as fast as possible and have some fun along the journey to success.

If you want to enjoy your success ASAP, then let’s have a serious conversation about what’s next for you. Together your success can take flight!

Andy Dix, MS, BCC, CPT