Values-Based Work Pair Compatibility Assessment

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”
 Theodore Roosevelt
“When it comes to values, opposites don’t attract.  They argue.”
Professor Steven Reiss, PhD.

Work Pair Compatibility Assessment: Understand and Predict How Well Two People Will Work Together, Based on Their Values @ Work

We always bring our values to work and our values are always at work, while we work.  The Science of Motivation® has developed a way to compare the compatibility of values and needs oftwo people. This is a good predictor of how well two people will work together. Values-based work pair compatibility assessment can help two people to better understand how their values are naturally compatible or are in conflict. This new level of understanding is critical for leaders to facilitate highly effective working relationships with the people they regularly lead and work with, in an organization.  Use motivational science to prevent, predict and resolve conflicts in interpersonal working relationships, reduced undesired employee turnover and increase productivity and employee engagement.

Our values shape our worldviews and help us form our interpretation of reality.  Opposite strongly held values, create a ripe opportunity for misunderstanding, miscommunication, mistrust, and misinterpretation of other people’s motives. Interpersonal conflicts rob organizations of productivity and lead to turnover and increased risks.

If you have two or more people wanting to work together better or if they are struggling with interpersonal conflicts while working together, then our Values-Based Work Pair Compatibility Assessment is a powerful tool.  Our process can help to reset a work relationship, and build a pathway forward towards a productive working relationship.

Values-Based Work Pair Compatibility Assessment Process

  • Each person completes a Reiss Motivation Profile® online and receives and individual Reiss Profile® report.
  • Each person participates individually in a one hour teleconsultation session with, Reiss Profile® Master, Andy Dix to discuss their individual needs, values and emotional blind spots that make it difficult to understand opposite strongly held values.
  • A RMP® Pair Comparison Analysis is created to provide a calculated estimate of the compatibility/conflict of the work pair’s values.
  • The work pair participates in a one hour teleconsultation session together with, Reiss Profile® Master, Andy Dix to discuss how the pair can choose to work more effectively together and to tolerate any values in direct conflict.
  • The work pair creates a working agreement action plan on what they will agree to start, stop and continue to do to work more effectively together going forward and how they will resolve differences.

Sample Reports


  • $510 USD Per Work Pair Assessed.
  • Only available to residents of North America.
  • Contact us to schedule a Value-based Work Pair Assessment

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