I’m Andy – Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer & I Host the Hopeful Hoosier Podcast®

Successful people are not made or born. They are grown through professional development and excellent coaching. You can quickly grow into being an exceptionally effective professional who is thriving. All you need is a solid ABC Growth Plan and the support, accountability, and encouragement of an experienced executive coach. It only feels lonely at the top because you haven’t hired a trusted advisor and coach for your personal success team.

I’ve successfully lead teams, other leaders, enterprise-wide change projects, and non-profit groups. I’ve advanced through the challenges of working at a Fortune 100 company. I’ve learned what works and what can derail an executive. I know from experience what it’s like to be downsized and having to reinvent yourself and your career. I know there people like you who want to achieve meaningful goals and realize their full potential. I share my experiences and insights with people who want to become extraordinary leaders and positive difference-makers that people want to follow.

I have been fortunate to support a fantastic mix of highly talented executives and leaders in various disciplines, such as sales, learning and development, human resources, operations, finance, creative production, IT, project and change management, and more. You can benefit from their combined experiences and wisdom as we work through your personal ABC Growth Plan.

My style is honest and direct. I’m not for everyone. But those who do use my services stay focused on achieving their most desired results as fast as possible. We also have fun together along their journey to success as an inspiring professional.

“Until you understand your values and each of your employee’s values, and your best customers’ values, then you don’t fully understand your business.” -Andy Dix

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