Reiss Motivation Profile® Master’s Certification Training Program

Using the Reiss Motivation Profile® With Individuals

Do you want to add a highly profitable and potent psychological assessment tool to your professional practice? Become certified to use the Reiss Motivation Profile®. Register for the online Reiss Motivation Profile® Masters Certification Training.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a scientifically derived and academically validated assessment of a person’s needs, values, desires, interests, motives, and life goals. RMP data explains an individual’s motivation on 16 different continuums of desires and or values. The RMP is based on The Science of Motivation® developed by the renowned psychological researcher, Professor Steven Reiss, Ph.D. The RMP provides predictive insights into how someone will react in different situations, interpersonal relationships, and job roles with some degree of accuracy.

Consultants, coaches, and human resources professionals use the RMP for Business for:

  • executive professional development
  • career and life coaching
  • team building and collaboration
  • diversity and inclusion training
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership training
  • employee engagement and satisfaction
  • role compatibility/competency models
  • succession planning,
  • advertising and marketing
  • and more!

The RMP Master’s Certification never expires.

Convenient Self-Paced Online Training Program

The RMP for Business Master’s Certification Training is a self-paced online training program with additional live individual sessions with a Master Trainer using Zoom.

View Lesson: How Are Our Needs Satisfied?

Sample Lesson: How Are Our Needs Satisfied?

RMP Masters Candidates Receive

  • RMP Master’s Training Manual
  • RMP Master’s Toolkit
  • RMP Branding Kit
  • RMP Master’s Online Dashboard Access
  • Individual Coaching on RMP for Business Application and Interpretation

Who Can Be an RMP for Business Master?

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a psychological test that measures an individual’s intrinsic motives, thereby leading to insights about core values, personality traits, and behavior. To use the test properly, an examiner must have knowledge of the RMP’s scientific development, underlying theoretical constructs, administration, norms, and interpretive principles. An examiner also should have a reasonable degree of professional experience working with clients in his field.

Therefore, a candidate for certification training for the RMP for Business or RMP for Sports should have demonstrated the ability to successfully complete college-level coursework and also should have a minimum of one year of experience working with the type of clients to whom the RMP would be administered. 

Success in college-level coursework can be demonstrated through the completion of a college degree, successful participation in college classes, attainment of relevant professional certifications, or a history of successful work experience in business or athletics.

We invite the following types of professionals to participate in our RMP for Business Certification Training Series: Certified Executive, Career and Life Coaches, Certified Human Resources Professionals, Organizational Development Professionals, Mental and Physical Health Professionals, Certified Learning and Development Professionals, Management and Leadership Development Consultants and in some cases, Marketing and Advertising Professionals. Academic and Business researchers are also welcome to become RMP Masters. Our virtual certification training is open to residents of North America, South America, Africa, and European nations without a licensed country partner of IDS Publishing Corporation.

Please note that an RMP Master is expected to maintain proficiency using the RMP. A Master who does not use an RMP with a client within three years will be deemed inactive and will be required to complete refresher training prior to accessing client files.

Your Instructor

Andy Dix, MS, BCC, CPT
Reiss Motivation Profile® Master

Andy Dix, President of AD Growth Advisers Inc., is a licensed trainer for Reiss Profile® Master certification, based in the United States.  Andy, who was trained and mentored by Professor Steven Reiss, has administered the RMP to more than 1,700 individuals.  His deep knowledge of the test and his extensive experience with its applications enable him to use the Science of Motivation® to help people and organizations succeed.  Before starting his private practice, he worked for a Fortune 100 telecommunications company where he led a sales effectiveness initiative to enhance performance based on RMP data.  In his current practice, he coaches individuals and organizations to use the RMP to reduce interpersonal conflicts and improve performance, collaboration, teamwork, customer experience, employee engagement, inclusive cultures, effective communications, and employee retention.  In addition to being a certified Reiss Profile® Master, Dix holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Management, is a Board-certified Executive Business Coach, and is a Certified Performance Improvement Technologist and Change Manager.

16 Basic Desires of Human Motivation

16 Basic Human Desires

May 2021


Your investment to participate in the RMP for Business Master’s Certification Online Training: Using the RMP With Individuals is $988 USD.

In addition to the tuition, students must also purchase the book, “The Reiss Motivation Profile®: What Motivates You?” by Professor Steven Reiss, Ph.D. which is available from many online booksellers. Students will also purchase three Reiss Motivation Profile® assessments from IDS Publishing Corporation at the current market price.

AD Growth Advisers Inc. will invoice you upon acceptance of your registration. We offer various online payment options. International students will be charged an additional 4% bank transaction fee.

Participants have 90 days to complete the certification process.

No refunds are available for not successfully completing the requirements of the training for certification.

Application for RMP Masters Certification

RMP Master's Certification Training Application