Do you aspire to use your organization as a force for good?

I’m Andy Dix, a Board-Certified Executive Coach.

I welcome partnering with you to prompt your most creative and productive thinking!

Does your sustainability-focused business or non-profit do good work for good reasons?

Are you trying to balance purpose with profit?

Do you need to grow professionally and personally to keep up with the demands of your roles?

My executive coaching clients operate businesses or organizations seeking to make a positive difference and be profitably sustainable at the same time. Do you believe business can be a powerful force for good? Are you committed to balancing stakeholder interests and are seeking to maximize your triple-bottom-line performance (people, profits, and our planet)? Do you desire to create a sustainable, inclusive, and collaborative environment where your people harmonize and align on purpose and high performance?

As an Executive Coach, I help senior executives, founders, idealists, social entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists, nonprofits, and B-Corps realize their mission for a better and brighter future through professional and personal growth and development. Doing good profitability is good business! I’m Andy Dix, and I am an experienced Board-Certified Executive Coach. I use proven frameworks and processes to support positive difference-makers like you who cannot afford to become discouraged, distracted, or derailed on your way to building your dream into our reality. By partnering together, we can prompt your most creative and productive thinking. My mission is to help you to be your best at doing your good!

Your personal values are always at work, shaping the way you work. Your core nature programs your values. Your values-system creates the life script and rule book you use to make sense of your world and other people’s behaviors. You feel your values long before you understand and can explain your values to others. Relationships depend on understanding your values and how they compare to other people’s values. That’s where I come in and help you increase your motivational intelligence using the Science of Motivation®.

Am I THRIVEing? Test

When your mission matters, it’s mission-critical to maintain your optimal personal performance in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity and complex challenges. Sustained idealists refuse to not only survive, but they also choose to THRIVE! How about you?

Take my Am I Thriving? Test:  Rank each statement from 5 to 1.  Score a 5 if you feel this area is excellent and a 1 if this area could benefit from some improvement.

T-Totally satisfied with my professional and personal daily life.

H-Hopeful that my current plans and actions will achieve my most desired goals.

R-Relationships matter to me, and I am satisfied with the quality and quantity of mine.

I-I am living out my life’s purpose and mission.

V-Vitality means my health, as much as is within my control, is excellent.

E-Emotional well-being is essential to me, and I invest time and effort in supporting it.

!- I am excited about my spiritual growth.

Are you thriving?  How could life and work be different if you increase your scores? Completing your meaningful mission depends on your ability to THRIVE!

My Approach

Do you aspire to effectively lead a sustainable business, or be a successful social entrepreneur, or make a huge positive impact in our world through a non-profit organization? Are you finding it challenging to balance your various stakeholder interests and remain profitable? Are you frustrated, fearful, discouraged, doubt-ridden, distracted, or derailed regarding your plan to make your dream organization a reality? Do you need encouragement? Would you find value in receiving the support of someone who can hold you accountable for making clear decisions, taking action, and making progress? Do you need someone to help you stop counter-productive behaviors or remove self-limiting beliefs?

No one was born highly effective and successful. Every effective and successful visionary who maximizes their potential has worked hard and grew into the most effective version of themselves. They learn to maximize their strengths, gifts, and talents and manage their limitations. If you ask them their secret to success, they will probably admit that they did not achieve greatness independently. Legendary difference makers, social entrepreneurs, and conscious capitalist CEOs have all had coaches and mentors who supported, encouraged, and nurtured their development and growth. You can have that support too! I welcome partnering with you to prompt your most creative and productive thinking!

To be the change you want to see in our world; you need to allow yourself to be coachable. Then we can work together to co-create your individual ABC (Attitudes, Behaviors, and Competencies) Growth Plan. Your personal ABC Growth Plan will keep you focused and accountable for making progress towards achieving your most important goals, solving your biggest problems, and overcoming your most daunting challenges and setbacks.

I coach people who are GIFTS to our world: Growth-oriented and committed to excellence, Inspired to pursue a meaningful mission, Fun to work with, Tenaciously taking on challenges and resistance, Seeking to make a significant and positive impact in our world.  If that sounds like you, then let’s talk about creating your ABC Growth Plan.

If your mission truly matters to you, then invest in becoming the best version of you so you can be your best at doing your good!

I am based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and I work globally one-on-one with my clients via telephone or Zoom teleconference.

It would be a pleasure helping you be your best a doing your good!

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
I use Emerson’s quote as my personal mission statement and job description! Can I be that someone for you?-Andy Dix


Andy is a member of the University of Indianapolis’ Institute for Postindustrial Leadership Think Tank. His “Inspiring Leadership” development program is based on a new understanding of leadership as a mutually beneficial relationship centered on a desired change.


Executive Business Coaching, Conscious Capitalism, Social Entrepreneurism, B Corporations, Postindustrial Leadership Development, The Science of Motivation®, The Reiss Motivation Profile®, Change Management, Purpose and Meaning, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, and Hope.


As Founder and President of AD Growth Advisers, based in Indianapolis, IN, Andy has supported the professional development and growth leaders and throughout the US and internationally. In addition to being a Board-Certified Executive Business Coach, Andy is also a Certified Performance Improvement Technologist, PROSCI Change Manager, and Reiss Motivation Profile® Master and trains other helping professionals to be certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Masters.


Andy has professional experience as an executive in a Fortune 100 company, an entrepreneur, author of “Life Matches: Fire Up Your Life!,” keynote speaker, corporate trainer, college instructor, performance improvement consultant, change manager, and produces and hosts the “Hopeful Hoosier Podcast®.” He is an active member of Conscious Capitalism Indianapolis and Amplify Indy.

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