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Motivational Intelligence Quiz

Test your knowledge and understanding of the key principles of motivational intelligence based on the research of Prof. Steven Reiss Ph.D. and his 16 Basic Desires Theory of Motivation.  Motivational intelligence is a powerful competency to develop for business owners, executives, managers, and HR professionals.  It helps you to understand what motivates people's behaviors and what creates their greatest personal satisfaction and frustration.

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Humans are most motivated by money, contests, incentives, autonomy, security, mastery, and challenge.

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One's personal values play little role in motivation at work.

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It is relatively easy for someone to deny or ignore their personal values while at work and adopt the organization's values.

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People with opposing values and or motives do not tend to be attracted to each other and instead, may quarrel.

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Humans are naturally tribal by nature and tend to form groups or cliques around common values and needs.

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Some people are more naturally motivated to be satisfied by the demands of particular job roles or in specific work environments and organizational cultures.

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It is a manager's responsibility to motivate employees.

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All motivation is intrinsic to each individual and motivates all behaviors for reasons that matter to them.

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Humans around the world are ALL motivated by the same sixteen items.  What makes one a unique individual is one's prioritization of the sixteen items and the amount of each item required to feel satisfaction.

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Frustration is a normal reaction caused by a violation of a person's values or a denial of the satisfaction of a significant need or desire.

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If one knows someone's motivational profile, they can somewhat reliably predict the person's behaviors.

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A managerial best practice is to treat other people the way the manager wants to be treated.

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