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Research from MIT Sloan finds that collaboration is not a well-developed cultural value and competency despite being mission-critical for successful management and organizational agile change leadership.  This quick assessment can help you begin evaluating your people’s ability to collaborate on five key areas for successful collaboration as outlined by Paul Matessich, Ph.D., of Wilder Research.  You can also take the complete Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory for free here. We offer a comprehensive Collaboration @ Work Workshop to help your people master and practice essential collaboration skills. Contact me for more information at [email protected].

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Our corporate culture values and encourages informal professional relationships across all organizational layers.

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Collaborative groups are well-resourced with time, reduced workloads, space, and administrative support to achieve their mission.

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People engaged in the collaborative group are committed to the group’s purpose and mission and agree to support the group’s consensus decision.

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During our collaborative meetings, people feel comfortable communicating openly and candidly, no matter their title.

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We have and use several effective collaboration processes to reach a consensus when collaborating.

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Employees clearly understand their roles and responsibilities as collaborators when engaged in collaborative problem-solving and co-creation of innovations at our organization.

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We involve the most knowledgeable, influential, and potentially impacted employees, no matter their title, in our strategic meetings to plan significant changes.

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My key people report a high degree of trust and respect for their peer co-workers and senior management.

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My organization’s key people have received over one hour of training and practice in developing collaboration skills in the past 24 months.

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Many people in my organization believe collaboration is too time-consuming and costly to be an effective strategy.

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Our culture promotes internal competition among our employees.

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