Warning: This is a POOPy Post on Doing Your Business

“If you want to be the boss, you must deal with a lot of sh#t!” said my usually reserved Dad, who was then President of Dix Enterprises, Inc., a mid-sized athletic equipment reconditioning company.  I worked with my Dad the month before I started graduate school, and I had asked him what it was like managing a business.

Now it’s many years later, and I am President of AD Growth Advisers Incorporated. I have worked for many companies, and I have consulted for even more. I can honestly say that my Dad was right!  Every company, no matter the size, is a POOP factory.

POOP is my acronym for:

  • Problems
  • Obstacles
  • Opportunities
  • People Issues

If you are an executive or manager, you are probably knee-deep in POOP daily.  If you do not deal with it, the place starts stinking.  Even if you try to deal with it, any aspect can bind up the organization and cramp performance.  Executives often don’t know if they need a plumber or a business consultant to flush out their systems.

Whenever we look to make positive changes to turn the fertilizer into fertile ground for business growth, we need to remember the four areas that enable a business.

  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Technology
  4. Finance

POOP can stick to all four areas and cause severe performance issues.  Fortunately, one can use a systematic approach to understand the root cause of the POOPy situation and then can create some managerial MiraLAX® to relieve the situation.

I recently worked with a business owner who was an engineer by training.  I reviewed with him a performance formula to help explain what drives businesses.  P=f(P1 x P2 x T x F x E)-I.   Performance (P) is a function of people (P1) interacting and experiencing processes (P2), technology (T), funding (F), and the working environment, minus interference (I), or what I call POOP.  The key point is that performance is a dependent variable, and the rest are independent variables subject to our influence.

If we want to change performance, we must change some or all the other variables while minimizing interference.  Changing one variable may also have an unintended negative impact on others.

Fortunately, as a performance improvement specialist, I can help you to assess performance issues and get to their root causes accurately.  Then we can co-create strategies to eliminate or control the issues and return your business back to healthy performance.

If you are tired of dealing with POOP alone, let’s have a POOPy conversation and see if we can clean up the mess and get you back to work.  My expertise is with people performance problems.   I work with highly experienced colleagues at Apeiron Network who are experts in processes, technology, and finance.  We can work with you to create a holistic approach to take care of the POOP and allow you to focus on growing your business.

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