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Is Leadership What You Think It Is?

The late James MacGregor Burns, Ph.D. wrote in his seminal 1978 book, Leadership, “If we know all too much about our leaders, we know far too little about leadership. We fail to grasp the essence of leadership that is relevant to the modern age and hence we cannot agree on the standards by which to measure, recruit, and […]

A Ladder of Inference is Made of Values

How do we make sense? Researchers and scholars have been trying to understand how we make sense of our experiences for ages. Chris Argyris and Donald Schoen created the ladder of inference model to describe human decision-making. This model shows how we become consciously aware of available data and attribute meaning to that data, ultimately […]

Leader Has Become Meaningless

Reading LinkedIn posts on #leader and #leadership has me frustrated,confused, and more than a little discouraged. Most people have no idea what the words leader and leadership mean. Do we even understand what we are talking about regarding leaders and leadership? Merriam-Webster offers the following two definitions of the word leader relevant to business usage: […]

Do you work for a two or four-letter organization?

As a collaboration coach, I help workgroups and organizations become more effective collaborators. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand and misapply collaboration and never realize the full benefits of a collaborative approach to work and especially change leadership. Hearing an organization cough up them Medical doctors listen to ill patient’s describe their symptoms. The first symptom of […]